Brand Ambassadors

Thanks for following the link to the Brand Ambassador Application.  In order to make our decision, please copy and past the below information in an email (with your answers of course) and send to us for review. 

First, tell us a little about yourself:  name, email, school (if you are in school) work (if you work), hobbies and just what is it that makes you stand out?

Affiliations:  clubs, sports, activities, etc.

Social media sites/names:  Facebook, Instagram, etc.

What is it about being a brand ambassador that interests you?

How would you promote Sea Islands Cotton?


Copy, paste and fill out the info and email to and we will get back to you shortly.


*** If you are having trouble copying this info into an email, just email us at the above address (also on the front page at the bottom) and I can send it to you that way***